My Hero is You

Hi Guys

We have an opportunity to help the World Health Organization, which is doing amazing work in the fight against Covid. The WHO is looking for videos from  children like you from around the world, about how you felt about their story, My Hero is You, and how you feel about Covid. How are you a hero? To participate, your parents can record a short video of you listening to the story, maybe with headphones. You can also speak to the camera and describe your feelings about the story and Covid, and tell them how you are a hero.

Parents, it is important that you give your permission for this recording to be used, so please will you record yourself saying the following on the video:

You can send your recordings We will collect them and send them to the WHO. Please send your recordings by Tuesday 29th September. 

I, NAME OF PERSON, legal guardian of NAME OF CHILD, hereby consent to the worldwide use of
their name, likeness, biography, picture and/or clinical details related to their person, for this video
and for subsequent videos produced for the World Health Organization. I understand that the
video will be used by the World Health Organization for the purpose of health promotion. I am of
legal age. I understand my name will appear in connection with the media .My consent is voluntary
and I know I will not receive any payment for participation.

                                                     Recording Tips


  • We will record you with an application called Zencastr, which delivers great quality and is safe. You will receive an invite from us, and there is no need to install any program yourself.

  • Go to the quietest room in your home.

  • Avoid reflective surfaces such as wooden floors and glass windows. 

  • We find the best quality has been in bedrooms or on a sofa. Pillows and blankets close by help to improve the sound quality

  • Don't wear noisy clothes. 

  • Keep your mouth about 10 - 15 cm from the microphone.