Stone Soup/BKFK Writing Competition

We have launched our new spring writing contest, working with our friends at Stone Soup, a literary magazine and website written and illustrated by kids through age 13. In other words, produced by kids for kids! Just like us!


The winner of this contest will have their short story turned into a BKFK Podcast,! The winning story, along with the second- and third-place entries, will also be published in an edition of Stone Soup magazine and receive a number of other great Stone Soup prizes.

We are looking for original short stories of 500–1,000 words. Our theme is climate change. Your mission as writers is to deliver your message in an accessible, fun style: the material that works best for our podcast tends to be fantasy, magical, or fairy-tale. The winning stories will feature a strong narrative and plenty of direct speech. (But remember, we are looking for a story, not a drama script.) The winner will have their story turned into a podcast episode performed by ourcast of one narrator and up to four character actors, embellished with suitable music and sound effects.

Climate change and the environment are serious topics, but that doesn’t mean the stories have to be somber. We are looking for lively, enjoyable stories with a sense of drama and some scope for silliness in the performance (and some good sound effects).  The idea is to take the listeners on an audio emotional rollercoaster—to be funny, zany, heartfelt, suspenseful, ridiculous—and especially fun! Click on the link to the right to listen to some of our more than 56 episodes to get an idea of the style. 

Now get your brain in gear and get writing! Ready to enter?


Deadline: 15th April 2019

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