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We had a suggestion from a clever BKFK listener named Leif. He recommended a story from the Cherokee people called The Tale of the Two Wolves. We think it is a great story. It’s a short story with a moral. A moral is a lesson that we can learn from a story. This gave us an idea for some BKFK mini episodes. We invite you to choose a short story with a moral, such as one of Aesop’s fables. Or any other short folktale that you might know of?  Once you’ve chosen the story, record yourself reading it, and send us the recording. We will add all the music and sound effects like we usually do, and play it on our podcast. It would also be great if you would explain the moral of story to our listeners. Also remember to tell us your name, age and where you are from.


You may choose whatever story you like, as long as it is free to use

Trouble finding stories? Here is a good place to start.



Select a story that you like, record it and send it to

Here are some recording guidelines:

  • Please be in a quiet room

  • Record with your phone, or any other device you might have

  • If your child struggles to read, read the story to them line by line and let them repeat after you. This might allow them to express themselves better

  • Having soft cushions, curtains, carpets and/or blankets close by helps, for example, sitting on a bed or sofa is perfect.

  • Avoid rooms with wooden floors and lots of glass surfaces

  • Encourage your child to perform with their body - huge smile when happy, big frown when sad, move their arms and hands around (but not wearing noisy clothing!) etc. This really influences the sound of their voice!

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