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It’s the NURSERY BIRTHDAY BUNDLE! With this bundle we will send you a full length, unique BKFK audio story for your child’s birthday, just for them. You just need to SUBSCRIBE and give tell us the child’s name and birth date! The story will be all about THE GINGERBREAD MAN gathering a jolly band of nursery and fairy tale characters to celebrate the child's birthday. It is an exuberant story that revels in the excitement of birthday parties! This story is fun and friendly - perfect for the little ones! 

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And, with this bundle, the birthday child will also receive an explosion of imagination - access to all the normal BKFK stories, as well as almost 60 extra Patreon stories, and all the readalongs, and all the colouring pages. Now that is an amazing birthday present! To subscribe to the Birthday Bundle, click here, and click on Birthday Bundle. 


Main Characters: Humpty Dumpty, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Emperor (of New Clothes fame), The Three Little Pigs, Mary and her Little Lamb, Old McDonald (with cows, horses, chickens, donkeys, dogs and cats), The Ugly Duckling, Peter Rabbit, The Three Bears
Duration: 5 Minutes, 18 Seconds

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