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By Kids For Kids

Story Time


Our podcast, By Kids For Kids Story Time, brings books alive, immersing our listeners in children's stories with music, sound effects and a full cast of talented children, creating a theatre of the mind that's perfect for stimulating kids' imagination. The podcast consists of audio dramatisations of classic children's fairy tales, folk tales, myths and more, performed by kids from all across the globe, for kids!

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3 year old loves 

The sound effects, the accents, the gruesome nature of fairy tales... three year old boy loves it!!!! 

So Loveable

My kids love this! Suitable for all ages , including parents! Really entertaining. These kids are amazing!

Long drive necessity

Our daughter LOVES the stories. Thanks guys, keep it up!


These are awesome my little bro and I love them can’t get my phone from him for hours!!

Our family’s favorite! 

This is the best podcast of stories for kids. They bring stories from around the world and perform them so well! We love these kids! -Iduna (age 3,) Mika (age 9 months,) and mom and dad

I love this podcast 

The only possible thing I like is this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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