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Your wish is my command! A mysterious magician tries to trick Aladdin to fetch a magic lamp containing....a GENIE!

Once upon a time, there was a poor widow who had an only son whose name was Aladdin.

One day Aladdin met a mysterious stranger. This smartly dressed dark-eyed man with a trim black beard, asked Aladdin an unusual question:

"Come here, boy," he ordered. "How would you like to earn a gold coin?"

"A gold coin!" exclaimed Aladdin. "Sir, I'd do anything!

"I'm not going to ask you to do much. Just open that trapdoor and go down. I'm too big to squeeze through. If you do as I ask, you'll have your reward."

The stranger helped Aladdin lift the heavy trapdoor. Alladin was thin and easily went down. He carefully made his way down some stone steps . . . and found himself in a large, sparkling chamber, which was dimly lit by a flickering old oil lamp. Aladdin saw a wonderful sight: trees dripping with glittering jewels, pots of gold and caskets full of priceless gems. It was a treasure trove! Aladdin was standing amazed when he heard a shout behind him.

"The lamp! Put out the flame and bring me the lamp!"

“Why should the stranger, out of all such a treasure want only an old lamp,” Aladdin wondered, “perhaps he’s a wizard.”

How right he was! Picking up the lamp, Alladin retraced his steps up to the entrance.

"Give me the lamp!" shouted the wizard, thrusting out his arm to grab it, but Aladdin cautiously drew back.

"Let me out first . . ."

"Pah! Too bad for you!" snapped the stranger, slamming down the trapdoor, never noticing that, as he did so, a ring slid off his finger. Terrified, Aladdin was left in darkness. Then he stepped on the ring. He put it on his finger, nervously twisting it round and round. Suddenly the room was flooded with a light and a great genie with clasped hands appeared on a cloud.

" Your wish is my command!" said the genie.

Astounded, Aladdin stammered, "I want to go home!"

In a flash, he was back in his own home!

"How did you get in?" called his mother. Excitedly, Aladdin told her of his adventures.

"Where's the gold coin?" his mother asked.

"Oh, mother! I'm so sorry,” said Alladin, “I forgot it. All I have is this old lamp."

"Well, let's hope it works. It's so dirty . . ." and the widow began to rub the lamp.

Suddenly out shot another genie, in a cloud of smoke.

"You've set me free, after centuries! I was a prisoner in the lamp, waiting to be freed. Now, I'm your obedient servant. Your wish is my command!" The genie bowed.

"Bring us . . . bring . . ." His mother interrupted, “a lovely big meal."

From that day on, the widow and her son had everything they could wish for: food, clothes and a fine home, for the genie of the lamp, granted them everything they asked him.

Aladdin grew into a tall handsome young man and his mother felt that he ought to find himself a wife.

One day, at the market, Aladdin saw the Sultan's daughter Halima. He only caught a fleeting glimpse of the princess, but it was enough for him to fall in love with her. Aladdin told his mother, who said, “I'll ask the Sultan for his daughter's hand. He’s certain to accept. "

In the Sultan’s palace, the Sultan told the widow that her son must show proof of his worthiness. This was mostly the Chamberlain's idea, for he was eager to marry the beautiful black-eyed Sultan's daughter.

"If Aladdin wants to marry Halima,' said the Sultan, "he must bring enough precious stones to cover this carpet.”

Aladdin went home and told the genie what he required.

“Your wish is my command!" said the genie.

A mountain of jewels magically appeared! When he saw this the next day, the Sultan was shocked. He never imagined such wealth could exist. But, the envious Chamberlain broke in with a question.

"Where will they live?" he asked.

The Sultan thought, then allowing greed to get the better of him, told Aladdin, “build a splendid palace for Halima.”

Aladdin went straight home and, in what was once a wilderness, the genie built him a palace! The last obstacle had been overcome, and the wedding took place with great celebrations

News of Aladdin's sudden fortune and wealth spread like wildfire, until, one day, a strange merchant stopped beneath Alladin’s window.

"Old lamps for new," he called to the princess.

Halima knew nothing of the power of the lamp and, wanting to give Aladdin a surprise she fetched the old oil lamp and gave it to the merchant in exchange for a new one. The merchant quickly began to rub it . . . and the genie was now at the service of the wizard!

In a second he magically sent the palace and the princess to an unknown land. Nobody knew what had happened! Only Aladdin knew it had something to do with the magic lamp. But! He remembered the genie of the ring. Slipping the ring on his finger, he twisted it round and round, and the genie appeared

"Take me to my beloved wife," he ordered the genie.

In a flash, he found himself inside his palace, and peeping from behind a curtain, he saw the wizard and the princess, now his servant.

"Psst! Psst!" hissed Aladdin. "Aladdin! It's you . . .!"

"Ssh. Quietly. Take this powder and put it into the wizard’s tea.”

The wizard sipped his tea fell into a deep sleep. Aladdin hunted for the lamp high and low, but it was nowhere to be

seen. After searching everywhere, Alladin looked underneath the pillow. "The lamp! At last," sighed Aladdin, hastily rubbing it.

" Your wish is my command!."!" exclaimed the genie.

"First, take this wizard far away where he'll never be found again."

The genie grinned and the wizard vanished. Halima clutched Aladdin in fear:

"What's going on?” said Halima, “Who is that genie?"

Alladin told her the whole story.

"Can we return to our own kingdom?"

"The magic that brought you here will take you back, but with me at your side, forever."

Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and said to the genie, "Take my wife, me and the palace back to our own land, as fast as you can."

" Your wish is my command!" replied the genie.

At the snap of a finger, the palace rose into the air and sped over the Sultan's kingdom and gently floated down to earth and landed on its old site. Aladdin and Halima rushed to hug the Sultan.

To this very day, you can still admire the traces of that ancient palace which people call the palace that came from the skies.

Quiz Time!

  • What did Aladdin find when he went down the trapdoor? Answer: B. A large, sparkling chamber with treasures

  • A. A room full of spiders

  • B. A large, sparkling chamber with treasures

  • C. A dark and empty cave

  • D. A maze of tunnels

  • How did Aladdin's mother accidentally release the second genie? Answer: C. By cleaning the lamp with a cloth

  • A. By throwing the lamp against the wall

  • B. By rubbing the lamp vigorously

  • C. By cleaning the lamp with a cloth

  • D. By dropping the lamp on the ground

  • What task did the Sultan give Aladdin to prove his worthiness to marry Princess Halima? Answer: D. To bring enough precious stones to cover a carpet

  • A. To bring a rare flower from a distant land

  • B. To build a palace fit for a princess

  • C. To capture a wild lion

  • D. To bring enough precious stones to cover a carpet

  • What trick did the evil wizard use to take Aladdin's palace and Princess Halima away? Answer: A. He swapped lamps with Aladdin

  • A. He swapped lamps with Aladdin

  • B. He cast a spell with the genie's help

  • C. He pretended to be a merchant

  • D. He kidnapped Princess Halima

  • How did Aladdin defeat the evil wizard and rescue Princess Halima? Answer: B. By using the genie of the ring to find the lamp and command the genie inside it

  • A. By outsmarting the wizard with a magic spell

  • B. By using the genie of the ring to find the lamp and command the genie inside it

  • C. By challenging the wizard to a duel

  • D. By seeking help from the Sultan's army

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