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Seven at one Blow!

A cheeky tailor earns fame throughout the land by defeating seven "enemies" with one blow! Basking in his glory, the King of the land enlists him in a perilous task!

There was once a little tailor who was sewing one day, nibbling on a thick slice of bread and jam when several big fat flies started buzzing around his pot of jam.

"Shoo! Get lost!" he spluttered through a mouthful of crumbs, "Buzz off!"

He swatted at the flies with a piece of cloth, but the stubborn insects just buzzed around the jam pot more determinedly than ever.

"I’ll show you!" the little tailor murmured, as he rushed off to fetch his broom from the corner. Very slowly, he lifted his broom high above his head and -BAM!- slammed it down right on top of the jam pot.

When he slowly raised the broom to look underneath, his chest puffed up with pride. "Well, well, well," he said, "I've killed seven with one blow! What a hero I am!"

The little tailor put aside his work, found some silver material, and quickly made himself a wide, silver belt. He decorated it with sparkly glass beads and embroidered it in gold thread with the words, “SEVEN AT ONE BLOW!”

Then the little tailor buckled it around his waist and stood in front of the mirror. "My, my!” he said, “What is a magnificent champion like me doing in this dingy little workroom? I should be out and about in the village, so that everyone can admire me!"

So the little tailor left his sewing shop and set off down the road, proudly humming to himself, and puffing out his chest!

It wasn't long before everyone was whispering and gossiping about the man

who had killed seven with one blow!

“Just imagine slaying seven men at one blow!" they exclaimed.

“No, it wasn't seven men," others insisted, "it was seven trolls!"

'You are wrong," more protested. 'It wasn't seven trolls, it was

seven dragons!”

Eventually, even the king got to hear of the very small, but very brave, champion and he ordered, “Bring him to the palace at once! Such a brave and courageous hero could not have come at a better time!”

When the tailor arrived at the palace, the king said,”Greetings, brave warrior, slayer of seven dragons with on mighty blow. Come a little closer…………..”

The king explained his problem to the unlikely hero.

“There are two ferocious giants who keep robbing my villages and killing my people. It’s absolutely ghastly! It shouldn’t be much work for someone like you.

If you get rid of them, I'll give you half of my entire kingdom."

The little tailor, who was coming to think rather highly of himself, winked and said,”Don't forget that I have killed seven at one blow."

And he strode off to find the giants, his belt sparkling in the sunlight.

When the little tailor found the giants, they were both asleep, snoring under a huge, shady tree. They were huge, with arms as big as tree trunks, and heads the size of a large pumpkin (in fact, one of their heads actually looked like a large pumpkin!) One was sleeping on her back, with snores bellowing and gaping mouth wide open. The other was sleeping on his side, with buckets of drool leaking out with each stinky breath.

The little tailor patted his belt for comfort, and picked up two large, round pebbles, and tucked them into his pocket. Then he tried to creep up to the tree. He struggled to get close because each time he walked forward, the giants' enormous snores blew him back.

Finally, he charged with all his might and reached the trunk. He nimbly clambered up the tree into the branches and sniggered to himself. Then -

PLOP! - he threw one of the stones down at the first sleeping giant and hit her smack on the nose.

“Oy!” roared the giant, waking up at once and turning on her brother. "What do you think you’re doing, fungusface?"

'Do what?" mumbled the second dozing giant.

“You know exactly what you did!" bellowed the first giant, "Just watch your step and don't do it again!”

And she settled back to sleep. High up in the tree, the little tailor giggled and dropped his other stone. PLOP! Again, it hit the first giant’s nose.

“Oy!” she boomed, sitting bolt upright and glaring at her brother. "Look, I warned you. I told you not to do that, you Scobberlotcher!"

And she bashed the second giant right in the face.

“What on earth did you do that for, mouldybeard?" the wounded

giant roared, accompanied by a massive punch to the mouth.

And so began a fight between the giants that raged so hard and long

the people in the nearby village thought there was an earthquake. The little tailor was very nearly shaken out of the tree but at the end of it, the giants both lay dead beneath him.

And that is how a little tailor, the mighty slayer of seven flies with one blow, came to win half a kingdom from a very astonished, but grateful king.


  1. What was the little tailor doing when the story began? Answer: B. Sewing and eating bread and jam

  • A. Baking bread

  • B. Sewing and eating bread and jam

  • C. Chasing flies

  • D. Reading a book

  1. How did the little tailor end up with the title "Seven at One Blow"? Answer: B. He killed seven flies with one swat.

  • A. He defeated seven knights in battle.

  • B. He killed seven flies with one swat.

  • C. He captured seven dragons.

  • D. He rescued seven princesses.

  1. Why did the king summon the little tailor to his palace? Answer: B. To reward him for his bravery

  • A. To ask him for fashion advice

  • B. To reward him for his bravery

  • C. To punish him for causing trouble

  • D. To send him on a dangerous mission

  1. What task did the king give to the little tailor? Answer: A. To defeat two giants terrorizing the kingdom

  • A. To defeat two giants terrorizing the kingdom

  • B. To find a lost treasure hidden in the mountains

  • C. To build a new castle

  • D. To train the royal guards

  1. How did the little tailor manage to defeat the giants? Answer: A. He tricked them into fighting each other.

  • A. He tricked them into fighting each other.

  • B. He used a magic spell.

  • C. He shot them with arrows from a distance.

  • D. He tamed them with his singing.

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