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The Mysterious Magical Mansion: Into the Dragon's Den

Charlotte Maximo Ruby McDrew had many unusual features

Of all of these features the one that stood out was her interest in magical creatures.

She read books about Genies, and Greater Horned Meanies, the Flatulent Goblins of Greechem

She loved to read stories about creepy crawlies and all of the beasts that would eat them

But none of these creatures exist in our world. There isn’t a question about it

Charlie, like most of us, knew they weren’t real, but now she had reason to doubt it

Her family had moved to a tumbledown mansion but something about it was funny

Charlie discovered, exploring her house, a dragon the size of a bunny.

The creature had chased her with great bursts of fire - poor Charlie awaited her end

But after she charmed it with shiny, bright coins, the dragon and Charlie were friends.

Since that adventure the dragon had vanished but Charlie was sure it was near

At night she would put a coin outside her door and later it would disappear

This carried on for a couple of weeks, but one morning Charlie awakened

She opened her door and she saw on the floor, that none of the money was taken.

Charlie was mystified. How could this be? Something about this was wrong.

She put down another coin but the next day, not one of the pennies was gone.

Each day Charlie added a coin to the pile. She hoped and she prayed and she yearned

But as much as she pined there was never a sign that the dragon had ever returned.


One sleepy afternoon, just after lunch, when Mother and Father were napping

Charlie was reading upstairs in her room when she heard a light rapping and tapping

The dragon was scratching the window outside and Charlie cried out in surprise

The poor little dragon was battered and bruised with a desperate look in its eyes!

It gestured to Charlie to come to the garden. It looked like it needed some help

And then it dropped down to the bushes below and crash-landed there with yelp

Charlie jumped up and dashed out of her room. She leaped and she bounded downstairs.

She ran to the bush where the dragon fell down but the dragon was no longer there

The miserable creature was limping away with a mournful expression of sorrow

It looked back and painfully raised its small wing and then beckoned to Charlie to follow

It led her away through a tangle of weeds - the garden was all overgrown

She squeezed between bushes, she tripped over roots and slipped over moss-covered stones

Eventually they stopped at a small patch of rocks surrounding a hole in the ground

The dragon crawled into the burrow at once while Charlie looked puzzled and frowned

“Strange”, muttered Charlie, “it wants me to help, but I cannot squeeze into its den

I’m too big to fit, so I’ll just wait and sit and see if it comes out again.”

She didn’t wait long till the dragon came back, but something about it was funny

Something was bulging and clinking inside the kangaroo pouch on its tummy

The dragon reached into its pouch with a claw and took something out with a clink

It presented a bottle of bubbling juice. The words on the bottle said, “Drink!”

“Hmmmm,” pondered Charlie, “I’ve seen this before in one of the books in my house.

Alice in Wonderland drank such a juice and shrunk to the size of a mouse.”

The dragon was on its way back down the hole and looked back to Charlie to follow

Quickly she opened the bottle of potion and drank it all down with one swallow

She felt a slight shimmer, a magical glimmer. Her earlobes began to get hotter

Smaller and smaller and smaller she shrank until she was as small as an otter

She looked up at flowers, at mushrooms, at trees, at rocks that were covered in fungus

At butterflies, snails, earthworms and bees that were now all completely humongous

She looked down the hole where the dragon looked back with a desperate look in its eyes

She took a deep breath and went into the gloom and followed the dragon inside

Quickly the dragon led a Charlie along, deeper they went underground

And with every footstep she heard a strange noise, a rather unusual sound

A crunching, crackling, crinkling sound -It wasn’t so easy to tell

It sounded like crushing up small bits of rock, or walking on broken eggshells

Before she could stop to consider the noise, the tunnel had come to an end

She entered what looked like an underground cave - the home of her magical friend

Confounded, astounded, and truly dumbfounded, she could not believe what she saw

“Just like in legends!”, cried Charlie out loud, “The dragon is guarding a hoard!”

There were knives, forks and shiny bright spoons

Mother’s old pendant that looked like a moon

Necklaces, earrings and silvery plates

An old piece of chain from the back-garden gate

A bent piece of wire, some needles and pins

Father’s old toys that were made out of tin

Pennies, screws, aluminum foil

a small metal can that had once contained oil

While Charlie marveled at all of this loot, which all had been pinched from her home

Something unusual caught Charlie’s eye - a collection of little, round stones

As she stepped closer to have a good look at the pebbles piled up in a mound

A shadow went over the mouth of the hole and a menacing voice said, “Meow!”

The dragon, in fright, made a terrified squeak. Its whole body started to quiver

It was frightened and scared at whatever was there and it crept behind Charlie and shivered

She looked at the wounded and bruised little beast which peeped through her legs in alarm

She now understood where the damage came from - she knew what had caused it such harm

A CAT!!!!

She heard it come prowling, its menacing growling - she knew what the cat was intending

She knew why the dragon had come for her help - the poor creature needed defending!

What could she do? How could she fight? The kitty was coming to harm her.

Just like a knight in the stories she read, she needed a weapon and armour

She rummaged around in the treasure and found a small silver plate as a shield

The best she could find as a sword for the fight was a butter knife made out of steel

The cat came in creeping, its eyes open wide. Its fur bristled up on its back

Its tail was twitching and swished side to side. It shuddered and then it attacked!

It lunged with its jaws and struck with its claws and tried to hit Charlie but missed

She gave it a swipe with the old butter knife and the cat backed away with a hiss

The dragon flew in with its last bit of strength, although it was tired and weak

It breathed out a small ball of flame at the cat and the cat gave a terrified shriek

The dragon, exhausted, gave a small gasp, and collapsed in a heap on the ground

The cat, burnt and frazzled, decided to strike and pounced with a murderous bound

But Charlie stepped in to protect her small friend with a threatening look in her eyes

She gave a great whack on its nose with her shield and the cat gave a screech in surprise

The cat was defeated, and quickly retreated as fast as it could out the den

“Take that!” Charlie shouted, “you nasty old beast! And never come back here again!”

She lifted the poor dragon onto its feet but then heard a loud crackling sound

The dragon, excited, stretched out its small wings, and flew to the stones in the mound

A stone had cracked open and there, poking out, was a tiny red wing and a leg

She heard a small squeaking as something came out! These were not stones, they were EGGS!

A little red dragon the size of a mouse broke away the last pieces of shell

And then came a blue one, a green and a brown, and a purple and pink one as well

The cave was now full of the cheeping and peeping of five little sisters and brothers

One at a time they all clambered inside the kangaroo pouch of their mother

The dragon came over to Charlie and gratefully held her small hand in its claw

It gave her another small bottle of potion and Charlie knew what it was for

She went back outside, and grew back to her size. The adventure had come to an end

Quite satisfied, she was beaming with pride from defending her magical friend


Question 1: What did Charlotte find in her new house that surprised her?

  • A) 🧞‍♂️ A genie

  • B) 🐉 A dragon

  • C) 🦄 A unicorn

  • D) 🧚‍♀️ A fairy

Question 2: How did Charlie initially befriend the dragon?

  • A) 🎶 She sang a song to it

  • B) 💰 She gave it shiny coins

  • C) 🍕 She offered it food

  • D) 😄 She told it a joke

Question 3: What happened when Charlie drank the bubbling juice from the dragon's pouch?

  • A) 📏 She grew bigger

  • B) 🦋 She turned into a butterfly

  • C) 📉 She shrank in size

  • D) 🧙‍♂️ She became invisible

Question 4: What did Charlie use as a shield when fighting the cat?

  • A) 🍽️ A silver plate

  • B) 🌿 A wooden stick

  • C) 🥤 A plastic cup

  • D) 📦 A cardboard box

Question 5: What did Charlie find hidden in the dragon's treasure hoard?

  • A) 💰 A collection of coins

  • B) 🪄 A magic wand

  • C) 🍫 A box of chocolates

  • D) 🥚 A clutch of dragon eggs


  1. B) 🐉 A dragon

  2. B) 💰 She gave it shiny coins

  3. C) 📉 She shrank in size

  4. A) 🍽️ A silver plate

  5. D) 🥚 A clutch of dragon eggs

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