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The Mysterious Magical Mansion: The Wizard's Workshop

Charlie Maximo Ruby McDrew lived in a mysterious house

The creature that lived there was nothing as plain as a cat or a dog or a mouse

She had discovered a magical monster - a dragon the size of a rabbit

She’d followed it ‘round but then later she found that it had an unusual habit

The dragon, she knew, was a sly little thief - it got up to mischief at night

It snuck around stealthily, sneaking and peaking, collecting things shiny and bright.

Charlie befriended and later defended the beast from a vicious attack

A cat had come hunting with evil intentions but she and the dragon fought back.

Charlie had bravely defeated the cat but during the crazy commotion

The dragon had given her something quite strange - two little bottles of potion

One of the potions had made Charlie shrink and the other one made Charlie grow

“But where had these magical potions come from? was the question she wanted to know……


She patiently waited and carefully watched by the window late into the night

The dragon came creeping and silently sneaking and disappeared right out of sight

The creature had gone to the back of the house where the windows were covered with boarding

The part of the house that was dusty and old - the part that still needed exploring

An hour went by till the dragon came back, lugging a clawful of treasure

It trotted back home to its warm little cave, puffing with satisfied pleasure

Silently, stealthily Charlie crept out to investigate where it had gone

“Where had it been?” Charlie wanted to know, and where had the treasure come from?

Behind the old house it was gloomy and dark, the walls were all mouldy and damp

But she’d come prepared for the shadowy hunt, and lit an old kerosene lamp

As the light flickered the shadows retreated revealing a place once forgotten

An old flight of steps going under the house with an old wooden door at the bottom

“Aha!” Charlie muttered, “this must be the place.” She slowly stepped down to the door

She opened the door with a squeak and a creak, and these are the things that she saw:

Shelves full of row upon row of strange books

A crocodile skeleton hanging from hooks

a skull of a creature with stubbly horns

an old walking stick full of knobbles and thorns

A candlestick shaped like a clawed creature’s hand

A painting of crows with an ancient old man

A jar of black ink with a pelican feather

A dirty old bag that was made out of leather

Stacked on a desk she saw bottle of potions

Full of strange liquids and odd coloured lotions

a short, twisted stick and an old-fashioned broom

A colourful carpet that filled the whole room

A set of large keys that were made out of bone

A rumpled red hat that was shaped like a cone

She saw, on the ancient old desk, a great book, covered with skin from a lizard

The name on the cover said “Morpheus Jones”, and under it was the word……


She opened the book to the very last page. The title said, “Magic for Cleaning”

The spidery writing below was unclear so she put on her glasses for reading

“Wazakazoozoo”, she spoke as she read, speaking the words with great care

“Wazakazeezee, Wazakazum! Everything up in the air!”

At once the whole room came to magical life! The bottles leapt up with a “ZING!”

Like a great flock of birds all the books flew around, flapping their pages like wings

The broom began cleaning the floor and the shelves. It carefully swept up each corner

And then it flew over to Charlie and stopped, as if it was waiting for orders

“Ahem”, said a gravelly voice from the desk, “It looks like you need some advice”

She gasped as she noticed the red rumpled hat had a small little mouth and two eyes

“The broom has completed the task that you set. It seems to have done its job well.

It needs some instruction of what to do next, so now you must finish the spell.”

She nervously carried on reading the book, “Wazakazoozookazee!

Everything back to the place you belong! Your magical master is……..?

The last word was missing! The paper was torn! What could it possibly be?

“It must rhyme with “ee”” she thought, then took a guess, “Your magical master is … Lee?

Nothing happened!

The broom looked confused. The books flew around, their pages were noisily flapping

The hat gave a sigh and flopped down to the floor. The crocodile’s jaw started snapping

The short, twisted stick had grown two hands and feet, with a little face, twisted and gnarly

It boldly marched over and tapped on her leg and expectantly looked up at Charlie

“Aha!” Said Charlie, “It’s trying to help! Wazakazoozookazee!

Everything back to the place you belong! Your magical master is…….knee?

Nothing happened!

The red rumpled hat gave a sigh of dismay. The books all began to get manic

The candlestick fell on the floor with a crash, and poor Charlie started to panic!

The stick slapped its knobbly head with a groan. It clearly was quite disappointed

It quickly climbed up on the ancient old desk, and look straight at Charlie and pointed

“Oh!” Charlie shouted, “I now understand! Wazakazoozookazee!

Everything back to the place you belong! Your magical master is…….ME!”

At once all the books flew back onto the shelf at quite an extraordinary pace

They sorted themselves from the A to the Z, and snuggled together in place

The candlestick, crocodile, bottles and jars hastily hurried along

Everything seemed quite content to return to the places in which they belonged

The rumpled red hat gave a satisfied sigh and the short, twisted stick gave a wink

The pelican feather rose up in the air and dipped itself into the ink

The book on the table had closed with a bang but then Charlie saw something wrong

The name on the front had said Morpheus Jones, but now all the writing had gone

The feather then wrote on the ancient old book, covered with skin from a lizard

“Charlie Maximo Ruby McDrew” and underneath wrote the word “WIZARD!”


Question 1: What magical creature did Charlie discover in her mysterious house?

  • A) 🧙‍♂️ A wizard

  • B) 🐉 A dragon

  • C) 🦄 A unicorn

  • D) 🐈 A cat

Question 2: What did the dragon do at night while Charlie was asleep?

  • A) 🎨 Painted pictures

  • B) 📚 Read books

  • C) 🍽️ Collected shiny things

  • D) 🌙 Went for a walk

Question 3: What did Charlie find behind the old house that was covered with boards?

  • A) 🗝️ A hidden door

  • B) 🌳 A secret garden

  • C) 🐾 A buried treasure

  • D) 🏚️ A haunted attic

Question 4: What did Charlie use to bring the magical items in the wizard's room to life?

  • A) 🕯️ A candlestick

  • B) 🧹 A broom

  • C) 📖 A book

  • D) 🎩 A hat

Question 5: What did Charlie realize she had become after completing the spell?

  • A) 🎨 An artist

  • B) 📚 A librarian

  • C) 🧙‍♀️ A wizard

  • D) 🌟 A star


  1. B) 🐉 A dragon

  2. C) 🍽️ Collected shiny things

  3. A) 🗝️ A hidden door

  4. C) 📖 A book

  5. C) 🧙‍♀️ A wizard

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