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The Three Wishes

A man believes his beard makes him look wise and sophisticated. He is shocked to discover that he has been embarrassingly and tragically mistaken! 

Long ago, in the forests of Sweden, a poor woodcutter lived with his wife. He worked very hard for the little money he made, day after day, cutting down trees.

“No matter how many trees I cut down,” he cried, “it never seems to be enough.”

Because of this, they lived a simple life in a simple hut, and often they went hungry.

One day while trudging wearily through the forest he found a huge old oak tree.

“My goodness,” he muttered, as he looked up at the height of the monumental old tree, “A tree of this size will easily bring in enough money to buy me and my poor wife enough food to sustain ourselves for a week.”

He took out his huge axe and began to swing it around his head to fell the tree

with one mighty blow. But suddenly, heard a voice pleading for him to stop.

There above him flew a tiny creature. It looked like a very small human, about the size of a little baby. She had a dress made of leaves and a delicate crown of flowers. But most amazing of all, she had a pair of butterfly wings fluttering from her back. She was a fairy!

“Please,” she begged him, “Spare my tree. It is my home. I have taken care of it for over a century.”

The woodman was dazed with wonder and lost for words. Although he was desperate to cut down the tree, he was a good man, and could not bring himself to swing his axe. He put it down and replied, "I'll do as you ask."

The fairy breathed a sigh of relief and said, "My deepest thanks, dear woodcutter. To show you how grateful I am, I'll grant you three wishes,

whatever you and your wife wish for will come true!"

And then, a tiny little door opened in the bark of the tree, and the fairy disappeared inside the tree trunk.

“Three wishes!” said the woodcutter, “Impossible!”

Since he didn’t really believe in magic, he went on trudging deeper into the forest looking for other trees that he could cut down.

By the end of the day, he was exhausted. He had worked so hard that he forgot all about the fairy. He slung his axe over his shoulder and marched home.

When he got home all he wanted to do was to fill his hungry tummy and chat with his wife by the fire.

"What’s for supper?" he asked his wife.

"Same as usual,” she said, “Weak veggie soup and hard brown bread.”

"Ah!" sighed the woodman. "How I wish for a nice, big, juicy sausage.”

No sooner had he said it than on the table appeared the most stupendously huge, fat, delicious sausage he had ever seen.

"What on earth!?" shrieked his wife.

Then the man remembered the meeting with the fairy, so he told his wife all about it. They had two wishes left!


"No, you nincompoop!” she gasped, “What a waste! How could you have made such a ridiculous wish! I wish that sausage was on your nose!”

And as soon as she spoke the words, the sausage flew from the kitchen table to the man’s nose. The woodcutter and his wife were speechless. They just looked in horror as the huge sausage swung from side to side, stuck to his face on top of his nose!

“You did not just say that!” he cried in horror

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she cried, full of sorrow and regret.

“My nose! Pull it off! Pull it off!”

He gave a pull but it was stuck tight. His wife gave a pull but still it held, and they both pulled till they had nearly pulled the woodman's nose off. No matter how hard they tried to remove that sausage, it would not come off.

Exhausted, they stopped, the sausage still stubbornly swung from side to side.

They had one wish left.

"Now what?" he said.

"It doesn't really look that bad..." she said, trying to make him feel better, ”Maybe you could get used to it?”

She knew from the woodman’s glare that this was not an option at all!

They discussed other options”

“We could wish for a sack of gold”

“or a kingdom,”

“or a large farm”

“Or a million more wishes”

“No, No, that one never works!”

“OK, ok, ok ….”

But if they wished for any of those things, the man would have to live with a sausage swinging from his nose for the rest of his life.

The woodman knew that if he was going to get rid of it, there was only one option!

“I wish this sausage would come off my nose,” he cried.

In an instant, the sausage vanished from his nose and lay on a dish in the table on the table.

The poor woodcutter and his wife never did get that sack of gold, or a kingdom, or even a large farm, but that night they forgot all their troubles, and celebrated having normal noses over a delicious meal of sausage!


  1. What did the woodcutter find in the forest that led to his encounter with the fairy? Answer: B. A huge old oak tree

  • A. A magical river

  • B. A huge old oak tree

  • C. A treasure chest

  • D. A lost animal

  1. What did the fairy promise the woodcutter in return for sparing her tree? Answer: B. To grant him three wishes

  • A. To teach him magic

  • B. To grant him three wishes

  • C. To make him rich

  • D. To protect him from harm

  1. What happened when the woodcutter wished for a sausage? Answer: C. A huge, delicious sausage appeared on the table

  • A. Nothing happened

  • B. A small sausage appeared

  • C. A huge, delicious sausage appeared on the table

  • D. The fairy appeared

  1. Why did the woodcutter end up with the sausage stuck to his nose? Answer: B. His wife wished it onto his nose

  • A. He accidentally dropped it on his face

  • B. His wife wished it onto his nose

  • C. The fairy played a trick on him

  • D. He wanted to see if it would stick

  1. How did the woodcutter finally get the sausage off his nose? Answer: C. He wished for it to come off

  • A. He pulled it off with his hands

  • B. He cut it off with a knife

  • C. He wished for it to come off

  • D. It fell off on its own

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