We have a new challenge for you. Next month we will be releasing a bonus BKFK episode called SMALL TALK. We'd like to invite all of you to be a part of it, and be heard by thousands of kids from all around the world. The topic of this episode is MONSTERS! You will need to answer the following five questions:


  1. What is your favourite monster?

  2. Describe your monster.

  3. What does it sound like?

  4. What will you feed it?

  5. If you were friends with the monster, what would you do together?

This can be a made-up monster or a monster that you've heard about in a story. Record yourself (audio only) with any device and send your submissions to, and we will include them in this fun episode and on Instagram. Please keep the recording time of all 5 questions together to about 1 minute.

VERY IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS! Please record yourself saying, "I, your name, permit BKFK to use your child's name only in the BKFK Podcast and on their Instagram feed."