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Hey Guys. We've got some great news! We've just joined Patreon! In case you're wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to By Kids For Kids, and get amazing, exclusive rewards! There are more than 50 archived and unpublished stories! You'll love them! Go to

Have a look at the great rewards below...

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Tier - Full Colour @ Readalong

You get access to exclusive episodes of BKFK, produced just for  Patreon subscribers - not released on the podcast! You also get access to ad free episodes of our entire catalogue! AND Colouring in pages for every episode! AAAAAND..... a shout out on the show!!!!

Extra Stories only on Patreon

  1. 12 Windows

  2. Anansi, the Crows and the Crocodiles

  3. Androcles and the Lion

  4. Baba Yaga

  5. Belling the Cat

  6. Brer Bear and Brer Skunk

  7. Cinderella

  8. Daedalus and Icarus

  9. Hansel and Gretel

  10. Helga's Big Splash

  11. Jabu and the Lion

  12. Jorinda and Jorindel

  13. Katitu

  14. King Midas

  15. Little Red Riding Hood

  16. Long and Short Division

  17. Mouse Deer and Tiger

  18. Perseus and Medusa Part 1

  19. Perseus and Medusa Part 2

  20. Peter and the Wolf

  21. Rapunzel

  22. Rumpelstiltskin

  23. Singh Rajah and the cunning little Jackals

  24. Snow White and Rose Red

  25. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

  26. The Beauty and the Beast

  27. The Boy who cried Wolf

  28. The Elves and the Shoemaker

  29. The Emperor's New Clothes

  30. The Fairy

  31. The Farmer and the Moneylender

  32. The Fisherman and the Genie

  33. The Fox and the Rooster

  34. The Fox and the Crow

  35. The Frog and the Ox

  36. The Gifts of the Little People

  37. The Gingerbread Man

  38. The Goats Ears of the Emperor Trojan

  39. The Hare and the Tortoise

  40. The Hell Gates

  41. The Honeyguide's Revenge

  42. The Lion and the Mouse

  43. The Minotaur

  44. The Musicians of Bremen

  45. The Nose

  46. The Rainbird

  47. The Stone Cutter

  48. The Sword in the Stone

  49. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

  50. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck

  51. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher

  52. The Two Frogs

  53. The Wind and the Sun

  54. The Wolf and the Fox

  55. Walter the Warthog

  56. Why do I have a Tummy Ache?

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