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Hey Guys. We've got some great news! We've just joined Patreon! In case you're wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to By Kids For Kids, and get amazing, exclusive rewards in return! You'll love them! Go to

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Story Wizard 

With a flick of your wand you'll get:

- access to our ad free library

- our everlasting gratitude

- $1/month

Executive Producer 

The driving force behind BKFK. You get to be included in the By Kids For Kids - Hall of Fame, with your name  and portrait on the Executive Producers page of our website. You also receive all benefits of a Story Wizard (tier 1) - $2/month

Secret Access

You get access to exclusive episodes of BKFK, produced just for Secret Access Patreon subscribers - not released on the podcast! You'll also get all benefits of tiers 1 and 2 - $3/month

Junior Wordsmith 

For fans of good books! You get to write a monthly book review to be included on the Book Review page of our website as well as our Facebook page. You also receive all benefits of Executive Producers and Story Wizards (tier 1 & 2)! - $10/month


Creative Director

You can write you own story that we will give the full production treatment! Let your imagination run wild! You provide the words - we provide the actors, music, sound effects and publish your episode on our sister podcast, By Kids For Kids Your Stories! You also receive all benefits of Executive Producers and Story Wizards (tier 1 & 2)! - $25/month

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