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Winnie the Pooh

Here are some guidelines:

  • Not a good reader? No big deal! Ask your Mom or Dad to read each line to you, and then repeat after them!

  • Be bold! Speak loud and clear!

  • Don't rush! A lot of our listeners are very young, so they might struggle to understand if you speak too fast.

  • Move your body as you speak. Express yourself with your hands and arms.

  • Most important of all, express yourself with your face! Feel like the character feels. If the character is happy, smile (a lot)! If the character is angry, frown (a lot). If the character is scared, scrunch up your face like you're scared! Get the idea? Don't be shy! Just do it and have fun!

  • Don't be subtle, be OVER THE TOP!

We've written a few notes on the side of the script that might help you. You don't need to read the whole script. Just choose a character that you like, and read a few of those lines (do as many as you are comfortable with). Maybe do each one twice? We often find the second time is better :-) To submit, record yourself on a computer or phone and send to


We are producing a 17 part production of Winnie the Pooh! It's especially for our amazing Patreon supporters. This will only be available on our Patreon channel, but don't worry - if you perform and you are not patrons will receive a copy of each episode in your mailbox to keep forever!


We will be changing the actors every chapter to give as many kids a chance to be a part, so we can expect 10 voices of Winnie the Pooh, 10 Piglets, etc. Want to perform? Read a few of the colored lines from the script below!

"Owl," said Christopher Robin, "I am going to give a party."


"You are, are you?" said Owl.


"And it's to be a special sort of party, because it's because of what

Pooh did when he did what he did to save Piglet from the flood."


"Oh, that's what it's for, is it?" said Owl.


"Yes, so will you tell Pooh as quickly as you can, and all the others,

because it will be to-morrow."


"Oh, it will, will it?" said Owl, still being as helpful as possible.


"So will you go and tell them, Owl?"


Owl tried to think of something very wise to say, but couldn't, so he

flew off to tell the others. And the first person he told was Pooh.


"Pooh," he said, "Christopher Robin is giving a party."


"Oh!" said Pooh. And then seeing that Owl expected him to say something

else, he said "Will there be those little cake things with pink sugar



Owl felt that it was rather beneath him to talk about little cake things

with pink sugar icing, so he told Pooh exactly what Christopher Robin

had said, and flew off to Eeyore.


"A party for Me?" thought Pooh to himself. "How grand!" And he began to wonder if all the other animals would know that it was a special Pooh Party, and if Christopher Robin had told them about

_The Floating Bear_and the _Brain of Pooh_ and all the wonderful ships he had invented and sailed on, and he began to think how awful it would be if everybody had forgotten about it, and nobody quite knew what the party was for; and the more he thought like this, the more the party got muddled in his mind, like a dream when nothing goes right. And the dream began to sing itself over in his head until it became a sort of song. It was an


                           ANXIOUS POOH SONG.


    3 Cheers for Pooh!

    (_For Who?_)

    For Pooh--

    (_Why what did he do?_)

    I thought you knew;

    He saved his friend from a wetting!

    3 Cheers for Bear!

                                                     Recording Tips


  • We will record you with an application called Zencastr, which delivers great quality and is safe. You will receive an invite from us, and there is no need to install any program yourself.

  • Go to the quietest room in your home.

  • Avoid reflective surfaces such as wooden floors and glass windows. 

  • We find the best quality has been in bedrooms or on a sofa. Pillows and blankets close by help to improve the sound quality

  • Don't wear noisy clothes. 

  • Keep your mouth about 10 - 15 cm from the microphone.




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