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Welcome to By Kids, For Kids

Our podcast, By Kids For Kids Story Time, brings books alive, immersing our listeners in children's stories with music, sound effects and a full cast of talented children, creating a theatre of the mind that's perfect for stimulating kids' imagination. The podcast consists of audio dramatisations of classic children's fairy tales, folk tales, myths and more, performed by kids, for kids! Want to perform with us? AUDITION HERE!


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New: The BKFK Coloring & Reading Book!

The BKFK Story Time Coloring & Reading Book Volume 1 will provide hours of creativity for your child as they immerse themselves in 10 stories from the companion kids' podcast By Kids For Kids Story Time. 10 stories to read and 40 coloring pages for only $6.99!

The stories in this BKFK Story Time Coloring & Reading Book are:

  1. Hidden Treasure

  2. Maui tames the Sun

  3. Monkey Hats

  4. Mouse Deer and Snail

  5. Mulan

  6. The Crafty Carpenter

  7. The Golden Guitar

  8. The King who wanted to touch the Moon

  9. The Snake Charmer

  10. William Tell and the Apple

Each story is accompanied by 4 charming coloring pages, 40 in total. Measuring 8.5 x 11 inches (approximately A4), the coloring book is a fun and creative way for kids to immerse themselves in the imaginative world of By Kids For Kids Story Time.

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